Reckless Comedy Season Finale!

Join us on Monday for the season finale of Reckless Comedy, our last show until April 29th. Who will live? Who will die? Who will fall in love? Will it end on a cliffhanger? *

Doors 8pm, Show 8:30pm
Entry £3

Biscuit & Brawn are two lady-types who trot around the UK saying funny things on raised platforms.
They’re surreal, they’re baffling and they’ll make your life a whole lot better.
‘disappoint on cutlery declamations’ – The List

Gary Delaney
‘a hugely impressive collection of exquisitely crafted gags by one of Britain’s grandmasters of the one-liner’ -Chortle
‘Quickfire material of the very highest quality is pretty much guaranteed from the fast-thinking Delaney, a master of the deadpan one-liner’ –The Guardian

Owen Niblock
‘it’s like a mind map into the uncharted territory of Owen’s warped brain.’ – Three Weeks
‘the poor man’s David O’Doherty.’ – The List
‘very much derivative of the semi-surreal style of Boothby Graffoe’ – Chortle

Matt Richardson
‘This (extremely) young stand-up is poised to become the next bright young sensation on the comedy circuit – expect to hear a lot more of him’ -The Guardian

Will Mars
Will Mars is from the midlands. He isn’t proud of it. His comedy is far from the middle and he sure is proud of that. He is likely to give you black comedy and mix it with observations you probably never had.

Plus Jonny Greatrex, David Tandy and more!

*questions may not be answered or indeed, be relevant.

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